Current Ohio Real Estate Market Statistics

Below are the most current real estate market statistics for Northeast, Ohio. They are year-to-date and next to them are last year’s statistics to compare. April, 2010 was a good month due to the housing tax credit and time of year which we suspect are some of the reasons for the increase so far for 2010. Housing prices are still low and so are mortgage rates so that’s also a factor. Check back for new statistics or if you have any questions about the housing market in the Cleveland, Ohio area, contact us¬†anytime. We’d be happy to answer any of your questions or discuss your plans for home buying, selling or relocation.

2010 New Listings – 32,753 – 2009 – 27,209 +20.4%

2010 Sold Listings – 10,264 – 2009 – 7,050 +45.6%

2010 Volume of Sold Listings Р$1,158,308,455 Р2009 Р$892,026,177  +29.9%

2010 Average Sale Price – $112,852 – 2009 – $126,529 -10.8%

2010 Average Market Time – 102 Days – 2009 – 100 Days +2%

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