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Cleaning Tips/Hacks For The Home

Cleaning tips for the home: Sometimes you just don’t know how to deal with an issue in your home like hard water stains, heat marks, pesky insects, bugs, odors, candle wax and more. I’m tackling the weird ones with these cleaning tips below. They’re in alphabetic order for easy reference. I like natural home remedies […]

10 Mistakes That Can Decrease Your Home’s Value if Selling

  If you’re planning on selling your home: Most of these items below are free or easy to do. Of course having a Realtor visit your home is the best way to determine the most important areas needing addressed. Here are ten easily overlooked mistakes that can decrease your home’s value and cost you. 1. Overlooking your […]

Removing Clutter To Help Sell Your House

It is one thing that we all encounter and yet it is the one thing that we all can’t get the thought out of our mind – CLUTTER. Yes, we all have it one way or another in some room in the house, and it is something that just won’t seem to go away. When […]

Home Cleaning Tips To-Do List

Making a New Year’s resolution often involves self-help or a need to do something important. While there’s nothing wrong with losing weight, quitting smoking or saving more money, it’s also important to do something for the largest investment in your life, your home. The free repairs below will not only save you money, they burn calories. […]

Avoiding Toxic Chemicals In The Home

Below are tips and ways to keep your home’s air quality fresh and safe for the whole family. We face toxic chemicals every day and while many think the air inside their home is safer than the air outside, you may be surprised to learn that the air inside your house may be 2-5 times […]