10 Mistakes That Can Decrease Your Home’s Value if Selling


Preparing To Sell

If you’re planning on selling your home: Most of these items below are free or easy to do.

Of course having a Realtor visit your home is the best way to determine the most important areas needing addressed. Here are ten easily overlooked mistakes that can decrease your home’s value and cost you.

1. Overlooking your flooring. – Refinishing hardwood floors if necessary, having them buffed or cleaning carpets. Buyers really eyeball the flooring in all rooms. Also, avoid cleaning your hardwood floors with vinegar. It will dull them over time.

2. Kitchens and Bathrooms sell homes. Stay away from small tile in the bathroom, it will just make it look smaller. Use large tiles instead. You don’t need every appliances or item out. Tuck it away! Even items in the shower and medicine cabinet.

3. Make sure you’re using the correct cleaning items. Using the wrong items to clean granite, stainless steel, aluminum or other counter tops/flooring can ruin them or make them look dull. (Like the vinegar on hardwood.)

4. Avoid trying to make your room or decor too unique or trendy. While your style may look awesome, it may not appeal to everyone. Bold colors or bright accessories can detract from the size or feel of the room. Stick with neutral if possible.

5. The small areas that are easily overlooked are the areas buyers are looking. When a buyer is in your home and serious about possibly purchasing it, they look at everything. A thorough cleaning will significantly impact a home buyer’s view and perception. Appliances, grout, inside the windows, tile, heating/cooling vents, corners of the basement ceiling, drawers and closets are all looked at so don’t forget about them when preparing your home to sell.

6. Some things never change or go out of style. If you’re looking around and tired of the feel, don’t make a drastic change to your home without considering the majority. People love brick. Don’t get the urge to paint it if it doesn’t need it. Avoid contrasting trim. Try to keep with the color of the walls. Stay away from wallpaper unless it’s for you and for years to come. If you have natural wood, please leave it natural. You may think it’s dated but to many, it’s a gem.

7. Major upgrades don’t necessarily mean major returns. If you’re thinking about installing a pool, I hope its for your own enjoyment. You’ll likely never recoup the cost. Unique flowerbeds or landscaping may not be as appreciated by everyone. Pet proofing a house like adding a cheap gate, pen, doggy door or dog run, may not be in the interest of everyone. Try temporary fixes rather than permanent ones if you’re planning on selling soon.

8. First impressions are everything. That’s not a sentence thrown around lightly. It really does matter. The entrance to the home both outside and inside make a huge impression on buyers. Outdated hardware, locks, mailboxes, porch decor and landscaping can leave a buyer wondering what else the home is in need of. If you have neglected items at the entrance, upgrade or remove.

9. Declutter and Clean! This is the most important of all in my book. You’re going to be moving anyway… so start packing! Get all the personal items off the fridge, walls, counters, shelves and closets. If you’re not using it today, it can likely be removed. It not only makes the home appear larger, but it lets the home shine, not your items. Buyers want to see your home as theirs. If they’re distracted by all your personal belongings, photos, etc., it’s harder for them to mentally move in. Clean, clean, clean as if it’s now a hotel.

10. It’s not a bad idea to have a pre-inspection. Home buyers are going to likely have a home inspection anyway. It’s best to start addressing issues now and have your home confidently ready to go. A buyer will probably ask you to make the repairs or ask for a price reduction. Doing them now will save you time, headache or negotiation issues. Many home sellers don’t realize that they have electrical box issues, gutter/water flow issues, tuck pointing needed on brick, venting issues, non GFCI outlets, trees to trim, etc. until a professional points them out. You can have a home inspector give you a thorough look over for a few hundred dollars. This is also a great idea if you’re planning on selling later when the weather may not be cooperative. It’s much easier to make repairs when the weather is nice…

The majority of the items above are FREE or extremely cheap. I’d be happy to visit your home and help you prepare to sell. I go room to room and offer my advice and give you an idea of what home buyers are looking for. I’d be happy to help you get your home ready to be sold for the most money possible.

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