Removing Clutter To Help Sell Your House

Organizing and Cleaning The Clutter in Your Home

It is one thing that we all encounter and yet it is the one thing that we all can’t get the thought out of our mind – CLUTTER. Yes, we all have it one way or another in some room in the house, and it is something that just won’t seem to go away.

When selling your home in Ohio, certain cities have a higher level of competition and you will want your home to be at the top of the list both inside and out. Removing clutter also helps make your move easier as there will be less to sort and pack.

Keep The Essentials

Don’t feel like you have to keep every last bit of memorabilia that you have ever received. Collections grow really fast, whether it may be pictures or knick knacks. Limit them to one box or chest, and then prioritize what you REALLY want to keep. Also, make sure that you have a designated space for your keys, wallet, cell phone and watch – those types of items – so that it doesn’t become an eye sore on the counters or the end tables.

Get Rid Of The Old DVDs and Book Collections

Some of us have DVD stands; some of us stack them in our entertainment center. The bookshelves are stocked with books that you have either never read or will never read again. It is time to take a stand, no pun intended, and get rid of the DVDs that you know you will never watch again. If they are kids ones and your kids are now grown up, get rid of them. DVDs are quickly becoming a thing of the past as it is now easier to get on Netflix or On-Demand, rather than stockpiling DVDs. Sell the old DVDs or donate them, and watch how quickly the clutter in the living room is erased.


Clean The Den

Just because you are at home, doesn’t mean your office space should not be tidy. Keep the space heater, garbage can and floor mat under the desk and not openly seen, and then make sure that all that extra paper on the desk is either recycled or put in one of the drawers. Don’t be that stay-at-home worker who has a terrible clutter of mess in their office space. It isn’t hard to toss unused paper or anything, just take the five minutes a day to clear up anything that you won’t need.

Designate Toy Areas

This may sound easier than it actually is, coming from experience, but it sure will make things look a lot neater around the house. Granted, if you have a kid from the ages of 2-5, it is going to be tough to constantly tell them to put the toys away in a certain area, but you might as well start them young and instill it in their head to put everything away in a bin or chest. Don’t keep buying toys either. When new ones come in, take the old ones to the Goodwill store or simply pitch them.

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