Cleveland, Ohio Not The Most Miserable City in 2010

It was this time last year that named Cleveland the most miserable city in the country. Every year Forbes takes on new cities and fuels entire populations. I think last year Cleveland gave them the biggest rebuttal they’ve ever heard. Cleveland came out with a furious vengeance and created videos and many articles defending our beloved city and naming the reasons why we’re not miserable. (Listed below)

The Forbes list is back and this year and Cleveland is no longer the “King” of miserable. Instead, Cleveland has moved to the number ten spot for 2010. They rank cities based on numerous things such as their pro sports teams, the weather, the city’s traffic/commute, unemployment, taxes, housing market and more.

One of the reasons Cleveland has improved is because the Cleveland, Ohio housing market hasn’t seen a big crash compared to other real estate markets in the country. They put more weight this year on things like foreclosure rates and property values calculated over the last three years.

Northeast, Ohio has been through it with sports, Cleveland weather and unemployment. These are some of the things that make us tougher. It gives us more character. We’re strong and united. We’re also some of the best sports fans in the nation regardless of championship rings. That’s true dedication and loyalty…

It’s interesting that Miami made the number two spot on the list. Sunshine, LeBron, the beach, you know, green grass and roses. So what gave Miami the runner-up spot this year? Well according to Forbes, their weather and lack of income tax are the only things keeping Miami from earning the most miserable city championship ring for 2010.

Miami has witnessed real estate prices drop 50% in the last 36-months. Other reasons are massive city corruption in Southern Florida with over 400 government officials being convicted in the last 10-years, violent crime rates, and those lovely I-95 traffic jams. They have the talents of LeBron James in South Beach now so I’m sure everything will be A1A okay, next year….

For the real, die hard Cleveland fans, we know every city has its ups and downs, the good parts and bad. Our sports teams have had their share of both. We don’t wait for our sports teams to do all the defending. We stand by them and support them year after year. Of course we hope they get stronger and win more games. We also want a championship or seven. While we wait, we enjoy supporting our Browns, Cavs and Indians. We might not have the best defensive teams in the NBA, NFL or MLB, (this year) but we certainly do have the strongest, defending residents and fans in the USA. Forbes should add another list to their collection. Cities with the most character, strength, loyalty and pride. Start the research process, Forbes. Ding, ding, ding… We’ll see you next year…

The 2011 Forbes List of Most Miserable Cities In The United States:

1. Stockton, Calif.
2. Miami, Fla.
3. Merced, Calif.
4. Modesto, Calif.
5. Sacramento, Calif.
6. Memphis, Tenn.
7. Chicago, Ill.
8. West Palm Beach, Fla.
9. Vallejo, Calif.
10. Cleveland, Ohio
11. Flint, Mich.
12. Toledo, Ohio
13. Fort Lauderdale, Fla.
14. Youngstown, Ohio
15. Detroit, Mich.
16. Washington, D.C.
17. Fresno, Calif.
18. Salinas, Calif.
19. Jacksonville, Fla.
20. Bakersfield, Calif.

The above video is a an awesome tour of Cleveland put together by Positively Cleveland. #HappyinCLE on Twitter.

– Revitalized Downtown over the last 15 years
– Sports teams in all major arenas
– World-famous Cleveland Orchestra
– Great Lakes Science Center
– Rock and Roll Hall Of Fame
– Meds, Eds and Arts!
– Four absolutely beautiful seasons
– Michael Symon, and our great chefs.
– Lake views, waterways, boating, water activities, amazing sunsets
– The Westside Market and many great stores and shops
– Christmas Ale…
– Medical Mart, Cleveland Clinic & other award winning medical facilities
– Flats East Bank project
Affordable Housing and cost of living compared to most cities
– Hard Rock Cafe, House of Blues & a strong music presence/history
– Miles and miles of Metro Parks and rivers
– Amazing dining and Cleveland Restaurants
– Warehouse District establishments and nightlife
– Progressive Field, The Q and Brown’s Stadium
– Playhouse Square and an amazing theater district
– Little Italy, Coventry, Tremont, Detroit Shoreway and Ohio City
– Many award winning museums and colleges
– Likely the country’s most loyal sports fans
– Great small businesses, people and neighborhoods!

Cleveland, Ohio. A great city to live in! Just ask a resident…


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