Getting HomeOwners Insurance When Buying A Home

There are many steps to take when buying a new home. Each step has its own time frame, each step has its own importance.

When you find the right home and are under contract, you will likely have 30 days or so to finish up and decide on which mortgage, title company and homeowners insurance you will be getting. Mortgage, inspections and title have to be decided early in the process, but you have a little while to pick the right insurance company.

There are may companies out there to choose from. It’s a good idea to shop around and figure out which is best for you. You can often times get a lower amount per month depending on the deductible you choose.

Many different things come into play when an insurance company gives you a quote. Age of home, location, materials/mechanicals in the home, upgrades, etc. There are also smaller things that can help bring down the price, Smoke detectors, alarm systems, etc.

There are online companies that can assist you finding the right homeowners insurance. Entering your housing information or talking with someone can often times give you a better understanding and idea of what you expect. You will need to decide which company will be insuring your home by the time of closing. The title company will have to have this information along with the mortgage company to make sure the finalization of your paperwork can be started and completed. It’s just one of the many things needed in the process of buying a home.

It’s always a good idea to have a buyer’s agent working on your side and on your behalf when purchasing a new home. They make sure all these steps are completed and done correctly. Our team at RE/MAX is 100% free to work with. We never charge our home buyers, “processing fees” so you save hundreds just by working with us. Feel free to contact the RE/MAX Realtors in Ohio anytime to get the process started. We’d be happy to discuss your options with you along with how the entire process works.

While buying a home is fun and exciting, there are also things behind the scenes that have to be done. Having a good agent on your side doing the leg work ensures that you stay in the fun and exciting zone from start to finish.

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