Gardening and having chickens In Cleveland, Ohio

Backyard Garden in Cleveland, Ohio

Is it possible to have a garden while living in the city? Of course! Is it possible to have chickens on a Cleveland city lot/backyard? Yes!

From growing corn, to pickling peppers, An inner-city household is making it all work and learning as they go. Ashlee and Andrew Ginter live in the Detroit Shoreway neighborhood on Cleveland’s West Side and they have a full operating garden in spring, summer and fall. Talk about busy! They’ve managed to turn their backyard into a lovely city garden and have incorporated chickens and even natural water collecting.

These don’t just grow in the country!

If you’re thinking about starting your own garden, there’s no time like the present. There is work to be done all year round. From preparing your soil to composting,

Ashlee and Andrew Ginter have made some amazing, creative projects from benches made from beds to edging their front yard’s flower box with wine bottles! And you just have to check out their cat antics.

They grows herbs, tomatoes, squash, lettuces, carrots and more. It is possible to grow your own fresh food in Cleveland. Preserve it, pickle it, can it, have fresh Cleveland farm eggs for breakfast from your own backyard chickens and have fun while doing it! Having a garden regardless of the size of you yard is possible. Even in the heart of Cleveland.


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