Five Things Your Home Doesen’t Need Anymore

Outdated Home Decor

Many items in our past are now obsolete. We accept the fast, moving times and we adapt to them. Some people still have items in their home that should be added to the list of…

  • Busy signals
  • Waiting to get photos developed
  • typewriters
  • Paying for long-distance calling
  • Checking an answering machine
  • Using a public phone booth
  • Dialing a rotary telephone
  • Cigarette lighters in cars
  • Going to music stores to purchase CDs
  • Telephone books
  • Carbon copy paper

Let’s start with …

Wall paper borders – The apple, ivy, rooster or floral wallpaper borders that adorn your kitchen, family room or bedrooms, should be taken down. Home buyers cringe when they see them. They instantly view it as a project that has to be done right away to the home. They’re outdated and make a room look cluttered.

Cheap mini blinds and vertical blinds – They look outdated, they tear, they get dirty, and they just don’t give any window a good look. Time to toss these and upgrade.

The stand-alone entertainment center – Especially the oak ones from the 80s. They are dust collectors and they take up too much room. Most of what you put on an entertainment center should be sold at a yard sale anyway. It’s time to upgrade to a sleek piece of furniture that holds minimal and complements your expensive television and room’s decor.

The Grandfather Clock – While it used to be a common corner-piece in grandma’s house, it’s not a functional item any longer.  We now have the time everywhere. Our cable box, laptop, cell phones stoves and microwaves. This hand-me-down should be sold.

Curio cabinets – These one-time beautiful, showcase that displayed all your cherubs, precious moments, and wedding items, has to go. No one really looks at them, they take up living space, and you don’t really need 80% of what is inside of them. Pick a few of the true “precious moments” stacked up inside and display them on their own throughout your living space as accent pieces. They’ll stand out and be appreciated more this way.

Fake Fica Trees – Talk about a dust magnet, fake trees may give a corner a lift for the eye, but it screams, “Hi, I’m fake and you realize it.” Replace your fake Fica with a real tree or just open up that corner and give the room more… room.

Table Cloths – Unless the table you have is really ugly or damaged, get rid of that table cloth! You want to show off that beautiful, natural wood that you spent so much money for. Bringing in natural elements from the outdoors gives a room a calm, current, clean feel.

Brass – The golden ticket of the 1980’s is gone. Pretty much anything brass can be given back to that decade. Lamps, beds, door knobs, cabinet hardware and fixtures. Swap them out with more modern brushed nickel, black, or a chemically aged material. Really, anything but brass works.

Bonus – I’ll add colored appliances. The avocado, brown or mustard yellow appliances of yesteryear. They might still work great, but they don’t give your kitchen a modern feel.

I’d be happy to meet with you and your home to give you ideas, recommendations and pointers for upgrading, remodeling or just sprucing up a room. If you’re planning to sell your home, you’ll want to appeal to the largest amount of buyers as possible and ideally for the least amount of money. Contact me anytime to get the process started.

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