Single Female Home Buyer Profile


Of the many types of home buyers, we’re taking a look at the single female profile. Below are the most recent statistics.

  • The median household income for single female home buyers in 2009 was $50,600.
  • 58 percent of single female buyers were first-time home buyers.
  • 82 percent of recent single female buyers purchased their home through an agent.
  • Two-fifths of single female buyers purchased a home because of their desire to own a home.
  • Six in ten of single female buyers purchased a single-family home.
  • The median age of women buying a home is 41.
  • 1,451 is the median square footage of the homes that women buy.

Information regarding female home buyers is national and from the National Association of Realtors. Contact the Ohio RE/MAX team of agents anytime for home buying, selling or relocation.

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