Cheapest Most Effective Repairs To Make If Selling A Home

So what are the best repairs to make or not make if you’re thinking about selling your home? Many think if they dump money into their property before it sells, they’ll get it all back with the sale. This isn’t necessarily true. In fact, most home repairs only bring about 50-75% of the investment back to you when the home sells. Keep this in mind when you’re calculating all that needs to be done in order for you to put your home on the market.

The National Association of Realtors conducts an annual survey of its members in 80 cities that is created by Remodeling magazine and used to estimate the return on investment for 33 home improvement projects. The 2009 report concluded that, on average, for every $1,000 homeowners spend on projects, they get back $638.

Sometimes the little things mean a lot. Start with the smallest and cheapest of repairs along with a serious house cleaning before moving to the next step. Make sure you contact your RE/MAX agent prior to spending money on your home so you know if you’re on track. Here are a list of good repairs to make if selling a home…

Clean Up: There’s nothing a buyer wants to see more than a clean home. Psychologically, a clean home screams more than you know. It shows the property has been cared for and likely the larger, hidden items were also. If you don’t respect your home, no one else will either. It also makes a property look larger and gives a prospective buyer a clear, clean eye on decorating and placing their own items and less time distracted by yours. Clean out all closets, cabinets, and other hidden places. Buyers will look everywhere.

Store Your Clutter: After your vigorous cleaning, you may have a lot of items you still want but no longer have a home for. It’s time to rent a storage space for less than $100 a month or ask a family member or friend to keep your items for a while. It’s worth it. Don’t try to fill your basement, garage or a corner of a room with your boxes and belongings because it’s just an eye sore for a buyer and less space for them to appreciate.

Make Simple Repairs: Take a walk around the house and jot down all the little things that need done. Maybe there’s a handle missing on a drawer or door, a screen missing from a window, a new hinge that needs installed, etc. The small repairs are typically the least expensive and easiest to do. If a heating register is old or rusty, replace it or paint it. Take your list to Home Depot and pick up all you need. If you’re not sure how to make some of these small repairs, ask the experts at Home Depot or Google it. Seriously. Small repairs may include outlets, cracked tiles, new faucets, dirty or old grout or light switches. Go room by room and don’t get too overwhelmed. It will all get done!

Time To Paint: If you like bright, unique colors it’s time to paint it for someone else. This isn’t going to be your house anymore so make sure you change it to appeal to everyone or at least most. There’s nothing like a fresh coat of paint. It covers up old odors, marks, lets more sunlight in and just makes a home look cleaner and newer. Don’t forget the outside. If there’s cracked paint anywhere, touch it up. Remember, it’s the small things…

Take Care of The Yard: You don’t have to re-seed or invest in tropical flowers or plants, just mow the lawn, take care of the weeds or overgrown shrubs, trees or bushes and add a nice flower pot here or there. Don’t leave toys or unwanted items in the driveway, backyard or front porch. First impressions of the exterior tell a lot about the interior.

Stop, Hardware Time: Instead of a complete kitchen cabinet makeover or new doors, try cleaning them well, possibly painting them if needed but focus on the hardware. New hardware shines and for the price, it’s well worth it. Drawer handles, cabinet knobs or pulls, hinges, doorknobs, etc. They’re also very easy to replace. The Caveman guy could probably do it all in a Saturday afternoon.

Ugly Appliance?: Don’t go crazy on new appliances, but if you have one that is a complete eye sore in your kitchen and sticks out in a bad way, it’s time to replace it. Even a newer, used appliance or a cheaper model will do. It doesn’t have to be state of the art, but it should look more like art than junk.

New Door: One of the best repairs you can make to your home and actually make money from is installing a new insulated steel exterior door. Not only does it add a great look to the outside, but it also is something that a buyer appreciates. You’re likely to get a 29% return on this investment.

If you’re thinking of selling your home in Ohio, contact our RE/MAX team of agents. We’d be happy to visit your home and discuss any repairs that it may need along with helping you determine how much you’ll need to spend to get top dollar for your property.

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