Charlie Sheen is a Cleveland Indians Fan

Charlie Sheen may be many things… (insert list here.) You can also add a Cleveland Indians fan to that list.

Regardless of what Charlie has been up to over the last couple of decades, he’s a hardcore Cleveland Indians fan and the colors suit him well. Or at least his Major League “Wild Thing” name does.

Maybe you have to be a little nuts and have a lot of guts to support a constant underdog. Maybe that’s why Charlie connects with the Indians.

It doesn’t matter what the media or public says about Charlie, he’s still a self-proclaimed winner! He always wins even if he’s losing. Adonis DNA with poetry in his fingers. Winning, winning, winning. In Cleveland, we always win even if we lose. “My man!”

I think the Indians should sign Charlie. We could use him as a relief pitcher. It could be a real win, win.

The Wild Thing still reigns supreme and perhaps he’s wilder than ever. Please be well and take care of yourself, Charlie. Major League 3 is waiting… with a new uniform.

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  1. Sam says:

    Charlie Sheen, the winner’s circle that keeps on rolling.

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