Alton Brown Live in Akron, Ohio E.J. Thomas Hall November 5th, 2013 Photos

Alton Brown came to Akron, Ohio and put on quite a show! Packed with laughs, upbeat performances in both cooking and music. Who knew he was so talented? A true Alton of all trades. Below are photos I took of Alton and others on stage. He played the saxophone, guitar and he played the heck out of a fire extinguisher! I’d recommend going to see Alton Brown if he comes to your town. He’s as seen on TV! True to his colors, personality and reminds us all how much we miss Good Eats… I love how quick witted, unique, creative and smart he is. There’s just not enough hyper, type-A personalities TV. I’ve been a fan since the first episode. Listening to him perform and sing was an absolute bonus. I have a slight feeling Alton won’t soon forget his Ohio show…

Chris/Curtis was a great volunteer making chocolate ice cream. Loved the fumble with the poncho. Sadly, I didn’t get any photos. Jenette (@HeyJenette) from Youngtown as Alton called it, was brought to the stage after Alton announced she stalked his Twitter feed (@AltonBrown) all day with requests to be called to volunteer. Well, she got her wish! He pulled her from the audience and she put on quite a show also. They made pizzas in the MEGA BAKE! and had everyone laughing. I put these photos up for Jenette because if it were me, I’d like to have them. Thanks for the laughs!  (Some are a bit dark or blurry, but you know, it was kind of dark… and stuff.) Click the images to see full-size.

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