8 Tips for Summer Home Selling in Cleveland, Ohio

The summer season in Northeast, Ohio (Cleveland area) is a great time to list and sell your home. If you’re considering putting your home on the market, below are some great tips to maximize the look of your home and potential selling price.

The Summer season is a beautiful time in Cleveland. Landscaping is at full bloom, all outdoor living spaces can be utilized and offer the buyer a complete look at the entire property, not just the inside. It’s also a good time of year for home buyers and inspectors to see all areas of the home’s exterior which helps show flaws and positives more clearly. In the Cleveland real estate market, it’s my finding that there are home buyers for all seasons. Some home buyers wait for warm weather and when school is out and some home buyers are relocating and must move regardless if it’s ideal summer or snowy winter. Make sure your home pops and is at its best viewing potential for all seasons.

Outdoor Living Spaces – Your deck, patio or yard will likely be an area of interest for potential home buyers. They want to see that extra, outdoor living space which extends the size of the home and its use. If your deck is looking a bit weathered, try a fresh coat of stain. Make sure all screws/nails are secure and add some flower pots or extra seating areas in spaces not being used. For your patio, make sure to remove all weeds and edge neatly around fencing, etc. Try power washing your patio stone or concrete to brighten it up. There’s a great gallon size concrete cleaner at the big box stores. I find a 50/50 bleach solution works well for stained areas and moss growth on steps/patios. A new patio set with umbrella may be a smart choice as it provides shade, an extra dining area for your home and gives more options for summer living to your potential buyer. Spray paint rusty or discolored metal furniture for a fresh, new look for cheap! Maximize the space you have large or small. If your home is on the more “cozy” side, having a seasonal space outdoors will make your home more appealing and offer more breathing room for the next owner.

Being Cool – This means a lot of things when it comes to the home. From using a patio umbrella to showcase an outdoor space and making sure the home temperature inside is comfortable. The last thing home buyers want is to feel stuffy or hot while viewing your home. They’ll be anxious to finish quickly and get outside. You want them to browse and take a break from the elements in your home. Often times home buyers are out house hunting for hours at a time and they’re feeling the heat. A cool, quiet master bedroom will make them appreciate your retreat. Don’t forget about the second floor or finished attic space. These are often finished spaces in bungalows or colonial homes that home sellers may not use often but a potential buyer may. Make sure they’re cool also. Add an extra window air conditioner if possible. Keep ceiling fans on low to showcase their presence and to remind buyers that it’s an added cooling option.

Colors – Being cool doesn’t just pertain to the changing weather in the Cleveland, Ohio area, it also means cool colors. If your home has heavy drapery, dark walls and furnishings, it can make the home feel a bit smaller and less bright. In the summer months, try adding accent pieces that will change up the feel of a room. Perhaps open the drapes, hang lighter ones, use a lighter colored area or throw rug, add light colored accent pillows or even artwork. It can make a room feel more seasonal and bright. If you’re thinking of paint colors for your home, consider neutral but modern. Stay away from stark white or bold, unique color choices.

Indoor Lighting – The sun has a natural way of giving us “Muggles” energy, happiness and joy. The summer lets the most light into your home. Keep drapes, curtains and blinds open, move large furniture away from doors and windows. Remove some furnishings if necessary. Keep all bedrooms the brightest you can. Along with natural sunlight, turn interior lights on as well especially in bathrooms and kitchens during showings. If your basement is lacking sun, make sure to add extra lamps if possible to finished spaces and don’t let any light fixture go “unbulbed”.  A well-lit basement is a real plus.

Outdoor Lighting – Sunlight is both a plus and negative depending on your prospective buyer. Some want a more shady environment and some want full sun! Try to offer both. Shade off a part of your outdoor space with an awning, landscaping or a simple patio umbrella. If you’re overgrown in the tree department, try cutting back a bit to allow more space and sun into your yard. Many home buyers in the Cleveland, Ohio area are looking for garden space. Offering both a sunny and shade yard will appeal to more buyers and more plant types! Regarding lighting up your walkways and entrances, the answer is YES! Many home buyers will drive past your home and may do so in the evening. Offering a great mood from the street will be inviting and also helps with keeping your home safe while it’s for sale.


Landscaping – This is obviously the most important part of your home’s exterior. In the summer, make sure to trim, edge, mow and water your grass, flowers, bushes and shrubs. Early morning watering is ideal and it will help keep your grass picture perfect green all season. If you’re waiting a bit to put your home on the market, make sure to fertilizer in the fall and add more seed for a great result in the spring. Add ornamental flowers in your beds, full hanging baskets on or near the porch and match it on the sides or backyard. A small investment in flowers this summer may really make your home stand out. Try adding perennials (flowers, shrubs, greenery). They will grow back each year and to many home buyers that aren’t green thumbs, this could be a selling feature that your agent can point out and add to the marketing details! Check your view! If you have a view of Lake Erie, a garden, park, etc., make sure it’s shown in and out of your home if possible. Showcase those views from the inside and out.

Outdoor Toys – Are you thinking of digging up a part of your yard for a pool or playground set? Maybe considering concreting in a basketball hoop? If you have any plans at all to put your home on the market now or into the near future, try to avoid these large additions if possible. While they may suit some, they won’t suit all home buyers and you definitely want to appeal to the masses. Keep your outdoor spaces as clutter free as possible. Make sure hoses, toys and other yard equipment are neatly stored away. The garage could be a big plus for some home buyers and the summer season in Cleveland is where it will be most used. Clean out that garage! Organize, place stack-able plastic or metal shelves in them, power wash or clean the concrete and add extra lighting if possible. If you need a fresh coat of exterior paint, now is the time! Nothing is worse than an older garage that has pealing paint. Not to mention it may be required anyway for some types of home loans. This may be a great time to have a yard sale and get rid of unused items. This will help de-clutter your home and give you extra cash for some of the small repairs needed.

When it comes to your home, what you see as a benefit may not be for all. Space you aren’t using may be a favorite spot for the next home owner. Try your best to view the entire property as a potential living space and maximize each area. The more people you impress with your home, the better odds you have of beating the competition and getting more lookers and offers, not to mention better photos for marketing your home online.

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