Cleveland’s Response To LeBron James’ “Rise” Nike Commercial


Cleveland sports fans have been on a roller coaster for months about LeBron James and his decision to leave the Cavs and go to Miami Heat. Up and down both before “The Decision” and after. With constant pounding by the media and now Nike, his decision has been thrown in our faces and it doesn’t seem to be ending.

Cleveland has put together a response to LeBron James’ Nike “Rise” commercial. It’s a two sided argument and everyone has an opinion about the subject, but in the video above, Cleveland gives a classy rebuttal to the in your face constant berating that we’ve encountered. Stop whining and crying, Cleveland? No one is crying, we love the Cavs with or without LeBron James. We have supported the Cleveland Cavaliers before him and will after.

If LeBron wanted to head to a greener side of the fence, that’s great. We all know by now that it wasn’t necessarily him leaving, although he said he wouldn’t stop until he brought Cleveland an NBA championship ring, it was the way he left. His immaturity, selfish Cleveland humiliation and ego-inducing decisions.

Cleveland is tough and used to sport upsets. It only makes us stronger and more united as a city. We’re not crying, LeBron. We know you secretly regret your “Decision” and now you’re trying your best to defend it with the help of multi-million dollar campaigns and a big PR rocket to prove you’re worthy of being called the self-proclaimed “King.” or at least 1/3 of a group of kings in which you hold a somewhat respectable 2nd place position.

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  1. Dave says:

    Well now it looks like he’s ruining his relationship, maybe he’ll get an injury and ruin his career. He already lost his fan base in his home town. Karma is a B.

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